Brushstrokes is my collection of 30 poems published in June 2022 by MOSAIQUE PRESS.

The cover  illustration Late September at the beach is courtesy of  Nia Mackeown, a Pembrokeshire-born artist with a passion for painting en plein air.

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Praise for Brushstrokes

Kate Rose’s poems are vivid with imagery, sensory and enigmatic creating stories of love, loss, place and family with brushstrokes of language as delicate as watercolour. A memorable and aptly named first collection.

– Chrys Salt MBE, poet & playwright

Kate Rose’s Brushstrokes collection is a symphony of tastes, smells, voices and colours, gifting us with clear snapshots of the author’s experiences. Kate Rose populates her poetic universe with people closest to her heart. The subtle shifts in narrative discourse cast the reader in alternating roles – a spectator in awe of nature’s breathtaking displays or an active participant in life-changing events, drawn into a swirl of intense emotions.

– Eliza Claudia Filimon, PhD

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

West University of Timisoara

Kate Rose has a real talent for creating a landscape or a mood with a very few strokes. I love the sudden changes in tempo, as in Yesterday, and in mood, as in Miriam, with the apparently random impressions picked up along the way involving all the different senses.

– James Andrew Taylor, critic, biographer
Author of ‘Walking Wounded: The Life and Poetry of Vernon Scannell


Purchasing copies of Brushstrokes 

You can contact me at, I have signed copies that I am selling direct.

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